"Animal Rescue" weekly television series

Eight time Emmy-nominated "Animal Rescue" is a weekly half-hour television series showcasing the heroic efforts of people helping animals. Host Alex Paen and "Animal Rescue" cameras travel around the world capturing these dramatic rescues.

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Saving a dog from an icy river.


We hope you are a regular viewer and let your friends and family know about our show. If you discover that "Animal Rescue" is broadcast in a "bad" time period, such as very late or even in the middle of the night, please write, call or fax your local station and suggest they schedule it in a better part of the day. Click here or on the Station Finder button to find station information for your city. We thank you very much. Remember, making more people aware of the plight of animals in trouble is the goal of "Animal Rescue."

Animal Rescue News Desk

The latest animal rescue-related news stories from around the world.

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